Our store provides Fly fishing and Outdoor equipment, related to the different activities of the Lodge, it also has a handicraft space and other products from the area. In this space the guided expeditions of fly fishing, kayaking, hiking, trekking, ski & snowboard and soft adventure are created.

All these can be done in the vicinity of the lodge, since we are in a place, where the various geographical features that have emerged throughout the history of Puyehue, have generated an ideal geography for this type of activity.

Cantarias Lodge & Spa is developed under a strict concept of protection and care for the environment, carrying out all its activities with the idea of ​​generating the least possible impact, since we are aware of the natural wealth of the place where we are and how important are places like this on the planet, which enjoy an abundant and still very virgin nature.

Every day we try to learn more about the place and what surrounds us, so we can discover, know and identify its varied flora and fauna, understand its climates, cycles and natural regulations.

This way, we can improve our work plan every day and contribute a bit in reversing or improving the current worrying situation in which we all find ourselves, due to the irresponsible use of natural resources worldwide, which can only be protected. Through respect, education, and the commitment of all.